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I created an Alfred workflow that allows quick access to my WIP (work in progress) project link groups.

When working on projects, or features, I tend to have multiple links associated with it:

  • JIRA/Trello link
  • In-progress code link (github)
  • Design mocks (Invision)
  • Latest test build URL

I use these links when I’m taking my daily notes in Marxico, and want to drop context of the currently active task that I’m writing about. I found that when I switch context, it’s helpful to come back to a list of links that get me back up to speed quickly. To see more of how I take daily dev notes, see “How I Evernote” for an idea of how I did it in 2015; I’ve altered it slightly more recently and will write about that soon.


How the Alfred Workflow Works

  • Open Alfred
  • Type in “wip” followed by a space, and start typing (or, simply type space again to see all items)
  • Select an item, and press “Enter” on it. Your links will be copied to your clipboard
  • Paste it somewhere!

How to add new items to the list

  • Edit your wip.yml file, save it
  • Open Alfred
  • Type “wip “ (two spaces after wip)
  • See your new item in the list!

Where do I download?

Right here!

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