A Test Post with a somewhat long title

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Here is some starting text. The first letter of this paragraph will be extra big.


To set the page’s “hero” image with animation, set the frontmatter imagefeature. Note that you don’t have to put the full path, as we will prepend /images/ before the imagefeature setting.

Here is what headings look like:

Heading 1

and some italicized text and some bold text

Heading 2

  • how about
    • look at me, indented?
      • indented again
  • an
  • unordered
  • list?
  1. Item 1
    • what about this?
    • or this?
    • or this again? more indent!
    • why is this broken?
  2. Item 2
  3. or a numbered indent
  4. lorem 1. ipsum 2. dolor
  5. Item 3

Heading 3

Yeah, whatever.


Here’s an example of a code fence

def does_it_work?
  true or :true

Here’s an example of using prism_highlight, which adds line numbers, and can reference other files

class FooBar
  def baz(**args)
    # this should so something
    return false

  def bizz(arg1, foo:, bar: 'fizz', baz: 1235)
  def compute_pi

Here’s code from a file, rendered onto the page

Linking to post assets

Using this kind of code, we can link to assets that exist in folder named after this post:

<img src="{% asset_path example-01.jpg %}" />

What’s an easy way to auto-create those paths? Can I create a script?

Image with caption

Use the <figure> HTML tags!

Best beard? Worst actor?


Similar to the other asset_path stuff, I think:

<div class="post-video">
  <video class="plyr-video" playsinline controls>
    <source src="/assets/posts/a-test-post/example01.mp4" type="video/mp4">

I should make a helper for this.

Oh, I did?

{% video source="{{ this.site.url }}/images/phaser-waves/rope-example.mp4" loop="true" autoplay="true" %}

Without controls, and looping:

With controls, and no loop:

external video


I don’t like that they’re pushed all the way to the left, and not centered like the rest of the page… why? I guess it doesn’t have the same styles as this CSS rule:

.post-template .notepad-post-content > div:not(.notepad-post-title) p
Header!!! Header2
Cell 1 Cell 2

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