A large reason why I don’t use OSX’s Calendar app is because every time I open it, I have 100+ calendar invites staring me in the face. I’ve already accepted/rejected these invites through Google Calendar, but Calendar doesn’t care. I really enjoy the native interface of Calendar, but that kind of “digital zit” drives me crazy! There was no way to delete/ignore them through the app, so I looked for another solution.

I opened up my terminal, and went hunting, and that’s when I came across this file:

~/Library/Calendars/Calendar Cache

I closed down the Calendar app, then deleted that sucker right away, and hoped for the best (rm ~/Library/Calendars/Calendar\ Cache). After opening the Calendar app again, it crashed right away. Ugh! I tried opening the app once more, and I was presented with a dialog that said “Updating Calendars” with a progress bar. Once it was done, Calendar was working again, and I had 0 invites pending!

Brute force, FTW.

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