"Down to Earth" - Game Dev Notes

Here I give an overview (with some code) on how I tinkered with my latest game, "Down to Earth".

Create a "Saturday Morning Cartoons" Playlist in Plex

Image by unsplash-logorawpixel Recently I setup an unRaid file server on a $50 eBay desktop, and have been moving my TV shows and movies into a Plex docker container running on said machine. It turns out that I have something...

Game Dev Kata: Compass

I wanted to create a “compass” like that in Spelunky: The red arrow always points to the exit of the level. It stays on a “track” or “path”, though, in a circle around the player. So its position is restricted...

So, I'm using Bear.app now

I finally switched away from Evernote. Is it for good?

Colorize Your Log Output in iTerm2

Add some triggers in iTerm2 to colorize your log output, and find information fast.