The skyline problem

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I read the problem statement from Brian Gordon’s blog, and thought I’d give it a shot without reading any further.

You are given a set of n rectangles in no particular order. They have varying widths and heights, but their bottom edges are collinear, so that they look like buildings on a skyline. For each rectangle, you’re given the x position of the left edge, the x position of the right edge, and the height. Your task is to draw an outline around the set of rectangles so that you can see what the skyline would look like when silhouetted at night.



I’ve started out with this data and will work from there:

    var data = [
    {x1: 0,   x2: 200, height: 400},
    {x1: 300, x2: 400, height: 200},
    {x1: 350, x2: 450, height: 300},
    {x1: 450, x2: 600, height: 500},
    {x1: 500, x2: 650, height: 200},
    {x1: 700, x2: 900, height: 400},

Code is in my skyline.js repo.

My current output:

Trial 1

This was just a straight “draw to canvas” trial.

Trial 2

This one uses the canvas globalCompositeOperation to merge the shapes into one.

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