Turned my treadmill into a desk for $15.34

by Carl Furrow — on  , 

Finished Product


  • 36”x12”x1” pine shelf board => $8.94
  • 4x Screws Eyes 1 5/8” => $3.92
  • Two 36” bungie cords => $2.48

All totaled, this desk plus my existing treadmill puts the cost of this treadmill desk at $524.34. Not too bad.

Step 1: Drill them holes

I used a 3/16” drill bit, and bore 4 holes, two on each end, of the shelf board.

Step 2: Screw them eyes

I then took my screw eyes, and screwed them in, one to each hole I just drilled.

Step 3: Strap it in

I layed the board over the treadmill’s arms, then attached the bungie cords to the opposite site.

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