Added a second layer to the treadmill desk

by Carl Furrow — on  , 


Decided to upgrade my desk, and add some additional height for the keyboard and mouse so it’s more ergonomic. I needed about six more inches of height and the big box hard store delivered with these nice (and pricey) unfinished wooden legs.

I drilled four holes into the four corners of the new shelf board, and threaded the legs into it with their built-in screws.

With these legs, the overall price of the desk went up considerably.

  • Before legs: $15.34
  • After legs: $56.29

I’m still way under the average treadmill desk price of ~$1500. The overall total including the cost of the treadmill I purchased is now at $565.29.


  • 36”x12”x1” pine shelf board => $8.94
  • (4) 5x1.25x1.25” legs => $8 per leg

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